Osteopathic Adjustments

Realign the structure of your body so it can function correctly.

Flotation Therapy

Look and perform better with our Flotation Therapy.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Therapy

Fuel your body with the right foods to live happier and healthier.

Get Your Body Back in Balance

Work with a medical doctor to treat your illness with a complete approach in The Sacramento Region

Do you ever feel like something’s just off? Does it seem like there’s an imbalance in your body that you can’t put your finger on? Standard Western Medicine relies on a symptom-oriented approach. Often, a patient’s symptoms are treated without a deeper understanding of the underlying problem, which may be emotional, spiritual or lifestyle-related.

Stillpoint Medicine in the Sacramento Region can help you determine the underlying problems behind your physical symptoms. Our lead physician, Dr. Taber, is an board certified osteopathic physician who focuses on helping her patients find physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental balance.

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The art and science of healing by addressing the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

  • Relies on lifestyle changes and nutrition to treat patients
  • Focuses on the causes of disease, as opposed to symptoms
  • Views illness as an imbalance in the body, as opposed to an isolated event
  • Focuses on prevention of disease as opposed to treatment after the fact
  • Involves the formation of a relationship between the physician and the patient

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Give your body the treatment it needs

Stillpoint Medicine is operated by Dr. Tamara Taber, a board certified family physician, full service physician and osteopathic specialist who can treat your illness. She is dedicated to helping her Sacramento Region patients get to a state of personal equilibrium by forming a working relationship with them and searching for the cause of their symptoms. In addition to osteopathic treatment, she helps her patients improve their appearance and health by offering optimum aging and nutritional lifestyle therapies.

Dr. Taber is a concierge physician. She charges a monthly or yearly membership fee for all services and in-home care. She can make house calls or meet with you in her office. You can even make a same-day appointment to address your urgent medical concerns as quickly as possible.

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