Osteopathic Adjustments

Realign the structure of your body so it can function correctly.

Flotation Therapy

Look and perform better with our Flotation Therapy.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Therapy

Fuel your body with the right foods to live happier and healthier.


A D.O. is a Doctor of Osteopathy. A Doctor of Osteopathy provides the same services as a primary care doctor with an MD and can prescribe medicines but also utilizes hands-on treatments called Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment or OMT.

Our Mission

Using a membership model allows us to practice the type of medicine we believe in:
Where the doctor-patient relationship is trusting, stable and supportive. Where you have a personal physician or family doctor that you can count on. Where doctors have time to listen and share expertise. Our mission is to take good care of you and your family and make health our focus.