Heal the Osteopathic Way

Heal the Osteopathic Way

Pay attention to the structure of your body in The Sacramento Region

When dealing with somatic dysfunctions, it is important to understand the preferred method of healing. Stillpoint Medicine in the Sacramento Region may be able to help. Dr. Taber is trained to diagnose somatic dysfunctions that cause illness. She will diagnose bodily ailments and treat them with proven therapies that have been developed and perfected for over a hundred years.

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4 benefits of osteopathic adjustments

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Taber works to manipulate the body back to its ideal configuration. Some of the benefits of an osteopathic adjustment include:

  1. Improve or eliminate chronic pain
  2. Increase circulation and promote healing
  3. Reduce or eliminate headaches or migraines
  4. Treatments targeting to improve digestion and overall bowel function

Choose Stillpoint Medicine to relieve pain and improve function with Osteopathic Treatments.