First of its kind Family Medical Practice Opens in Citrus Heights, CA.

Citrus Heights, CA August 8th 2017

Stillpoint Medicine recently opened in Citrus Heights CA. The practice promotes a healthy lifestyle for its clients using some unorthodox methods, including putting nutrition first by having a kitchen as the focal point of clinic. Owner and lead physician Dr. Tamara Taber believes food is the best medicine. As such, she has made the teaching of proper nutrition a central theme to healing her patients. "Many of my clients have reduced or completely eliminated medications through dietary improvements. I know it is imperative for people to eat well to stay healthy," she says.

Dr. Taber is building the practice as a wellness center that includes addressing a client's history and lifestyle to uncover the best strategies for care. Patients complete a detailed questionnaire before receiving treatment. While she asks for more data than most doctors, this information is used to assess the client holistically to look at problems at their root cause rather than just treat symptoms. For example, she says, "many people can adjust their diet to reduce cholesterol rather than take statins (drugs) but they may be unaware of exactly how to do this. I am the type of doctor who will take the time to show you how to do this correctly."

The practice provides a number of services you don't see at a typical doctors office including, a float tank for stress management, laser treatment for incontinence and osteopathic adjustments to treat chronic pain and migraine headaches.

The clinic's integrative approach to health offers unique payment options as well, including a monthly membership or pay-as-you-go program. Consumers can learn more by calling (916) 721-4760. Dr. Taber offers complementary tours of the practice and 20-minute phone consultations upon request.